These Cloud Tools Will Help You Far Beyond Cybersecurity Awareness Month
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These Cloud Tools Will Help You Far Beyond Cybersecurity Awareness Month

These are the tools you need to protect yourself online

It’s a good day to thank the IT professional in your life. Why? Well, because it’s cybersecurity awareness month, of course! Though we may only be celebrating cybersecurity awareness this month, the threat to your data isn’t so seasonal. In fact, it’s estimated a cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds

Not all is lost. As cyberattacks grew in frequency so did the tools available to protect against them. Cyberattacks can be different depending on the actor. For instance, data beaches and ransomware attacks are common and often target small businesses, while consumers’ personal information, like login credentials and contact information, are more at risk when visiting malicious websites. Then there’s email phishing schemes, which almost everyone has received at one time or another. 

It might seem bleak but cybersecurity awareness month is here to save the day! Or at least, make you aware of the best ways to make your data cybersecure. 


Nowadays, we have become the sum of our data. Whether you’re a business owner with files essential to the company or a college student with a treasure trove of photos and music that has so far defined your life, we all have data we would hate to lose, or worse cost us to lose. To best protect that data, it needs to be backed up. The most secure solution is cloud backup. While there’s been some debate about cloud backup vs. local backup, it’s hard to deny the convenience and ease that comes with a cloud backup storage solution. Not only does a cloud backup allow you to easily access the data stored anywhere, anytime, the cloud also keeps your data safe from physical damage. When it comes to cybersecurity especially, the cloud comes through. Since cloud services, like Polarbackup for example, service business as well as consumer clients, their cloud’s storage spaces must maintain the highest levels of security in order to be compliant with government regulations. Offering end-to-end 256 AES encryption, your data stays safe from cyber assailants. 


How often do you enter a password? Or create an account? Or buy something online? Every keystroke you make online can be accessed. And when a hacker gets their hands on that information, especially your login credentials, credit card information, or even your device’s camera or microphone, the result can be bad news bears. Don’t fret though, there’s an app for that! Literally. Privacy shield apps are packed with features that help protect your identity online. Many of these privacy apps have malware scanner features, which helps protect your machine against harmful websites that can infect your system with viruses, spyware, and suspicious cookies.  Other features for such privacy shield apps include encryption for your login credentials so it can’t be accessed while you’re signing in, webcam and microphone defenders to protect against peeping toms, and personal information data scanners that keep your identifiable information off the dark web. 

So, cybersecurity isn’t totally hopeless. Yes, there are malicious actors, but fortunately, there are ways to safeguard yourself from their online attacks. The data protection apps and privacy shield apps on the market make it easy to do so. So this month you don’t have to just become cyber aware, become cyber secure. 


Looking to armor yourself with the best protection against cyberattacks? Polarbackup has everything you need from cloud backup and storage to Polarprivacy Shield, a privacy app like the ones mentioned in this article. Celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Polarbackup!