Black Friday Has Arrived! All the Best Deals in Software
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Black Friday Has Arrived! All the Best Deals in Software

This season’s best savings? Ultra affordable cloud backup

Have you been waiting all year to score the best deal? You wouldn’t be alone. Over the years, Black Friday has arguably become more popular than the holiday it succeeds. What used to be confined to a single day of savings has ballooned into a four day or week long event and has spawned additional savings offshoots like small business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday. Every year it seems like Black Friday gets a little bit longer, and 2020 is no different. 

Facing unprecedented consumer changes, and another wave of social distancing restrictions, retailers are taking a new approach to Black Friday by offering deals all month both online and in-store. That’s right… BLACK FRIDAY HAS ALREADY BEGUN! 

That means rather than waiting until the day of Thanksgiving,  you can snag a Black Friday deal as early as… RIGHT NOW! Tech and gadgets always see the biggest savings on Black Friday (and cyber Monday, for that matter) but we’ve rounded up the best deals on software this year. Yeah, that’s right, software… smart speakers/home assistants and TVs aren’t the only ones getting love this year. Here’s our full roundup, but be sure to check back for updates throughout the whole month of November! 

Virus Protection 

Every year people line up all hours of Thanksgiving to catch Best Buy’s Black Friday doorbuster deals on TVs and gaming consoles and their software savings are no different. This year, you can score discounts across the board on McAfee virus protection software at the big-box electronics giant. Right now you can score virus protection software for 80% off


This deal isn’t from a retailer, but from the software itself, and that’s exactly what NordVPN is doing. One of the leaders in the privacy browsing space, NordVPN is offering 68% off their two-year plans PLUS an extra 1-month, 1-year, or 2-year plan for free. The extra plans are based on luck and chosen at random but either way, you can never lose when you’re getting a big discount plus free stuff

Cloud Backup & Storage

Speaking of free stuff, easily one of the best deals on our list is Polarbackup’s Buy Five, Get Five deal they’re running for Black Friday. Cloud backup is essential to protecting your data from loss, and right now, it couldn’t be cheaper. Polarbackup is giving away a free 5TB lifetime cloud backup plan whenever you purchase a 5TB lifetime plan. That’s 10TB of storage space for under $100. You can get the deal here. The discounts being offered by the retailers known for their deep discounts on data storage don’t even come close. And, other than savings, cloud backup gets you a slew of features that hard drives can’t offer. 


We know it’s not the sexiest software, but the discounts this year on accounting software are huge and will come in handy after the holidays. You can grab Quickbooks for up to 50% off and there may even be more savings later in the month since Staples’ “7 Days of Savings” doesn’t officially start until November 22. 

The best part about these deals? They’re all already available. Beat the holiday rush and get a head start on gift shopping with these software savings, or just buy it for yourself… The savings are just too good to beat. This holiday shopping season is like none before it, be sure to check back throughout the month for new deals and maybe even deeper discounts.