Cloud Backup is the Gift of the Year
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Cloud Backup is the Gift of the Year

 This season, there isn’t a better gift in tech 

‘Tis the season… for shopping. As Black Friday quickly approaches, the scramble to check off everyone on your shopping list begins. From the friends white elephant party to the office secret santa, getting the perfect gift can be a drag, especially when it comes to those we know who are a bit choosier. And finding the perfect gift this year may be a little harder than usual. The way we live our lives has changed, and our go-to gifts may not be an option anymore. 

This year, there’s no better gift than the cloud backup. You may be thinking “There are a million better gifts than cloud backup” and depending on what you mean by better, you may be right, but no gift is as useful and long lasting than the one that protects your data. Hear us out.

Since March, the world has been toiling away indoors relying on their machines to get through their work day, school day, and almost anything else. From home, we’ve continued our jobs and schooling all thanks to the personal computer (and the internet, of course!) but as we’ve become more reliant on our machines, they’ve become more susceptible to cyber attacks and physical damage which puts your data at risk. The solution, of course, is to protect your data, and the best way to safeguard it against all threats is cloud backup. 

It’s not just the threat of attack that makes cloud backup an ideal gift this holiday season; it’s that many people are aware of the threat but their data still goes unprotected. Because everyone needs data protection, but not many people actually use it, cloud backup is the kind of gift that someone would use, but not really think to buy themselves. And when it comes in handy later, they’ll be thankful to have had it. As we continue to create more and more data everyday, we grow the amount we have to lose if we were to fall victim to data loss. It’s not just the report you’ve been preparing for weeks, it’s photos from your last family vacation, those funny videos you’ve captured, or maybe even important legal documents that you could lose in a cyber attack or data loss accident. That’s what makes cloud backup a gift for everyone. We all have data that we’d hate to lose. 

Cloud backup isn’t the kind of gift that comes with upkeep or maintenance either. Once a cloud backup dashboard like Polarbackup is set up on a machine, it runs automatically in the background ensuring the backup is always up to date. Intuitive and easy-to-use, it’s a gift that even the most technologically challenged can make use of. Or the technologically advanced. With cloud storage service providers, again like Polarbackup, offering AES 256 encryption and AWS-built infrastructure, the tech heads in your life will be equally as satisfied (and probably impressed by such a tech savvy gift!) 

Cloud backup lasts a lifetime and is totally customizable, too. Once a user is set up with cloud backup, they can add features, extra storage space, and different types of storage (hot and cold storage) as they need. And one-time payment lifetime plans offer never-ending data protection and storage without having to subscribe. 

So, maybe it’s not the flashiest or fanciest gift (starting at under $30 for a lifetime subscription, it’s great for every price range) but it’s definitely the most needed, functional, and useful— unlike that scratchy scarf or paperweight. In a year that has been marked by change, cloud backup is a gift of stability.

And, right now, you can give the gift of cloud backup to yourself and someone else with Polarbackup’s buy 5TB, get 5TB Black Friday offer. Until the end of November, Polarbackup is giving you a free 5TB lifetime plan whenever you buy a 5TB plan. 


This holiday season, give the gift of data protection and peace of mind, no delivery fees necessary.