Polarbackup Is Giving Away up to 5TB of Cloud Backup Storage This Month
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Polarbackup Is Giving Away up to 5TB of Cloud Backup Storage This Month

Here’s how you can use all the storage space you get when you take advantage of their Cyber Month deals. 

Like the rest of 2020, the holiday season is hitting a little differently this year. Even here at Polarbackup, we’re celebrating December like never before. You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but we thought, why have just a day of deals when it can be a whole month. And so, Cyber Month was born

All month long we’re doubling storage space and bringing the cloud backup savings. Looking to buy 1TB of cloud storage space? We’ll give you 2TB! Shopping for a 5TB lifetime plan? We’ll throw in another 5TB lifetime plan for free. And don’t worry about having missed this deal… we’re offering it for the REST OF THE YEAR! 

We’ve already talked about what makes cloud backup a great gift for anyone on your list, but to truly understand just how useful cloud backup is and just how much storage space we’re giving away this Cyber Month, let’s break it down by the data users in your life: 

Movie Lovers 

Film lovers have always needed storage space for their favorite hobby. The VHS tapes and film reels of years past took up physical space and now that movies have gone digital, high-definition flicks can quickly fill up a hard drive. Movie buffs can look forward to having enough space to back up their entire collection to the cloud – 10TB of space stores 2500 full HD movies

Music Lovers & Musicians

Ask any millennial and they’ll probably tell you the first time they ran out of storage space was when they were updating files on their iPod. While songs are pretty small files by today’s standard, they quickly add up, but cloud backup comes to the rescue again. 5TB of cloud space can store ONE MILLION SONGS.  Our buy one, get one free offer for 5TB lifetime plans is perfect for you to keep one plan for yourself and gift the other to the musician or music lover in your life. 


The huge strides made in photography technology has not only improved the quality of photos, it’s made photography accessible to pretty much everyone. The only bummer? The size of photographs has grown exponentially and requires tons of storage space. Image files can range in size, but on average, 10TB of cloud backup space can hold 2.5 MILLION images (taken with a 12MP camera.) For avid photographers, Polarbackup cloud backup offers an additional feature that helps the editing process – file versioning, which allows you to store multiple versions of the same file on the cloud. 

Document Hoarders 

Is there a nicer way to describe people who hang on to every document they’ve required? Probably, but regardless of how we refer to the paper pirates in our life, cloud backup is the perfect tool to store their personal archives. A single terabyte can store over 6.5 million documents like PDFs, .doc files, and presentations. With 10TB of storage space, you can store… a lot of pages.

Seriously, cloud backup really is the gift for everyone and with Polarbackup’s current Buy 5TB, Get 5TB offer, you can keep one for yourself and gift another or check two people off your list with just one purchase. Or treat yo’self and keep both accounts for yourself. Either way, this deal is too good to beat, especially when you compare the price to an external hard drive (a 10TB external goes for at least $170 right now)

 Ready to grab the best deal in cloud backup this holiday season? Visit https://www.polarbackup.com/special-offers-2/ to get 2TB for the price of 1TB or a FREE 5TB lifetime plan when you purchase a 5TB plan. A merry cyber month to all and to all a good night!