The Power of Partnership: Amazon & Polarbackup
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The Power of Partnership: Amazon & Polarbackup

What Does it Mean to be ‘Powered by Amazon Web Services?’

Here at Polarbackup, you’ll often hear us tout that we’re powered by, or built our infrastructure with Amazon Web Services. Until now, we haven’t really outlined exactly what that means. Sure, you recognize the name “Amazon” but for some, seeing the online store’s name next to a cloud service may cause some confusion. Today, we’re gonna clear that up and explain exactly what having Amazon Web Services, or AWS, means for you and your cloud storage with Polarbackup.


What is Amazon Web Services?

In simple terms, AWS is a platform that helps developers build more intricate applications. These apps can range from analytics to media to robotics, or in our case, storage. AWS lets developers choose which services they need for their specific app development and allows them to use those services to power their app. Here at Polarbackup we particularly like Amazon S3, which gives us the power to give you reliable, scalable and durable cloud storage. And on our Business side, we look to Amazon for our optical character recognition feature.


How do I benefit from Polarbackup using AWS?

In order to store large amounts of data, we need a lot of processing power and a lot of cloud space. Ever try to visit a website only to have it crash because too many people were accessing it? By powering Polarbackup with AWS, we can assure hiccups like that don’t happen. When it comes to keeping automated backup and syncing schedules this becomes especially important. You always want to be able to rely on what a service promises, and that’s exactly what AWS helps to do. By harnessing that power and pairing it with our own innovative technology, we’re able to give you superior service for a fraction of the cost.


So, there it is. Just what we mean when we proudly say “we’re powered by Amazon Web Services”. AWS paired with the work of our developers and engineers is what brings you the secure and dependable cloud storage solutions at prices that work for you.


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