The Smarter Way to do Business is with Cloud Backup
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The Smarter Way to do Business is with Cloud Backup

Let’s start with an important statistic, 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within six months. Worrying isn’t it?

With businesses producing more data than ever and cloud backup proving to be more efficient and reliable than hardware drives, it’s a no brainer that business owners should have the security of a service that offers full-scale cloud backup. Cloud backup’s functionality can get a business up and running again in the case of data loss due to critical hardware failure or damage, and data breaches with little or no interruption to its operation.

We believe cloud backup shouldn’t only be accessible to big businesses. That’s why Polarbackup’s new business plans aim to help protect your business’ valuable data at the lowest possible price-point creating the best value, without sacrificing productivity, performance and security.

Secure your enterprise data with a low cost
What makes Polarbackup stand out is its affordable pricing scale, which offers businesses and employees an efficient tool at the market’s lowest cost. Our plans are not only affordable, but come loaded with features you’d expect from premium priced solutions; with prices starting from $79.99 for 1TB you get unlimited users and servers, 256-AES encryption and remote assistance sessions as well as 24-hour email support.

You can control your data, instead of it controlling you
Polarackup’s functionality offers a user-friendly experience for clients, and that includes giving employees and organizations the ability to control and manage their own data freely through an-easy-to-use interface. Empowering employees to make smarter and secure choices, and giving managers the ability configure backups and write policies for users, control options which include backup selection, storage limit, encryption, file privileges, and the ability to suspend, activate, and delete users. All of these changes are propagated instantly, giving you complete peace-of-mind.

Privacy and security – “Your data, is your data.”
Our business plans will not only ensure a smoother workflow, but our backup solution complies with GDPR privacy laws and regulations as well as HIPPA, which means, your data is your data. In addition to being able to preview and store your data anytime, anywhere with one click, our full user management system will enable users to set their own Military-grade 256-Bit AES encryption. In other words, your data is secured with the highest possible levels of encryption, while also protecting against ransomware and logins from external applications.

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