Horror Stories About Not Backing Up Your Data:
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Horror Stories About Not Backing Up Your Data:

Ask anyone who has ever experienced the horror of data loss, and you’ll find they all have one thing in common: They never thought it would happen to them. We’ve become so reliant on our computers, cell phones, and data that even temporary loss of access can create instant anxiety and even panic. Your personal data can contain priceless memories that don’t exist anywhere else – meaning that without a backup, once they’re gone they’re gone forever. Is it worth taking that risk?

Computers are known to have their issues, and many times a lot of data can be lost if your computer crashes. There are ways to recover hard drives after a crash, but in many cases this can get quite expensive, so backing up your documents to a cloud based storage solution is the best way to make sure that your data is always safe. 

Check out some real-life tales of terror about losing data to mishaps, misfortune and mother nature:

A storm is raging! 

Trying to ignore the storm and the sound of the pouring rain. Steve was working on his computer and listening to music. A power outage ruined his plans, burnt the computer’s power supply, motherboard and the hard drive. Everything Steve has worked on for over a year was gone!

Mr. Clumsy!

Late one night, as Jason struggled to meet a deadline, he decided to make himself some coffee. BUT, as he stood up, Jason knocked the external hard drive off the desk!

Jason jumped forward, attempting to catch it, but instead, he knocked over a glass of water as well. The drive tragically crashed to the floor and the water spilled all over the drive. Jason quickly scrambled to retrieve it, dry it off, and plug it back in. While praying to the computer Gods that his data was unharmed, waiting, a fatal message appeared: unable to recognize external drive. SHRIEK!


Picture this; A bride-to-be spends more than a year planning the most important day of her life. Her wedding day. In a beautiful location and impeccable setting, her intense planning included hiring a professional photographer for a couple of thousand dollars to capture the day in its entirety. The big day went off without a hitch and was indeed the most memorable event of the newlyweds’ life. Anxiously, they waited for the photos and videos that would stay with them for the rest of their lives, and hopefully for generations to come, as a reminder of one of the most monumental moments in their life together.

However, this “professional” photographer downloaded the photos to her own computer for processing and erased the memory cards so that they could be used again the following event. She didn’t back up the files. When her laptop failed, the couple’s photos were lost, along with countless other photoshoots. She lost thousands of dollars and her reputation and the couple lost their cherished wedding photos. Here’s one bride that actually has every reason to be angry at the photographer! 

Natural Disasters Do Exist!

Data loss isn’t always a product of human error. Fire, flooding, and other disasters can have catastrophic results. 

This school made sure they created regular data backups. Their data archives were stored in the building’s basement, where they thought it would be safe. Unfortunately, one winter a pipe burst, the basement was flooded and all of their archived data was lost. There was hardly anything they could have done to save the data.

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