Hey…You! Help Protect Yourself Against Cyberstalking, Hackers and Identity Theft
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Hey…You! Help Protect Yourself Against Cyberstalking, Hackers and Identity Theft

Over the past few months, Netflix dropped a myriad of TV shows and documentaries that went viral, with the most notorious being ‘You’. Many of these shows focus on people that steer away from the norms of society. Taking ‘You’ as an example, the notoriety the show acquired stems from the fact that the main character, Joe Goldberg [your average Joe], uses multiple online and offline tactics to stalk and observe his obsession’s every move. 

Through “You”, Netflix  proves to us that the world is a scary place. People can find you, steal your data, stalk you and sometimes even worse. If there’s anything we can learn from these shows – it’s that we should keep our pictures, data and information safe. 

So how do you do it?

1-      Backup, backup, backup

The data you acquire over the years, the pictures you compile and the memories you create are priceless, backup your data. Some people might tell you that a hard drive is a good option, but I’m going to tell you why it’s not. Imagine someone finds the hard-drive, and steals all your data, it is really that simple. You don’t need a password, you’re not protected. Cloud Backup and Storage solutions are your best friend. Many companies offer services for software from Carbonite, Zoolz, iDrive, Backblaze and Polarbackup, with different plans to choose from. Polarbackup for example has end to end encryption of your data, using 256 AES military grade encryption, your data is untouchable by anyone but yourself.

2-      Keep your digital footprint private

 Alongside our personal information, our web-behavior is tracked and monitored by third-parties. Sold and processed, your information is abused by these third parties for various reasons. 

Some information is easier to obtain than others, such as login credentials and shopping habits. Data breaches are one thing, but the violation of personal data is another. 

The most invasive form of data breach is the hacking of microphones and webcams that are sold for a minimal price of $5 on the dark web. Third parties gain access to your bedroom, living room, bathroom as well as your family’s. However, there are tools out there that can help you protect and keep your digital footprint private. Products like ShieldApps’ Cyber Privacy Suite detects external abuse and blocks your webcam and microphone, encrypts your keystrokes, and more… 

          Did you know hackers try and use your fingerprints to collect your data? This software scrambles fingerprint profiling to protect you from these hackers?

          Rumors have been spreading about how Facebook, Instagram and other platforms listen in on your microphone or camera to gather data about you and personalize your ads? This software prevents your microphone and camera from being enabled by third parties.

          Hackers also use different websites to gather information on someone, this software stops malware and viruses to attack you and your information.

          Secured VPN gateways are a great way to protect yourself when shopping online for example because you enter your personal information to place orders. This software provides you with a VPN to keep yourself safe with over 20 countries and locations to choose from

          Much like Polarbackup, Cyber privacy suite can encrypt your financial and medical data, no one will be able to steal your most sensitive information or even access it. Store all your files in one safe place.

          Cyber Privacy Suite detects your personal information such as email addresses, credit card information, phone numbers and more, and prevents identity thieves from stealing your information.

          Ads are annoying sometimes, they prevent you from having a seamless web surfing experience, but what this software does is that it blocks them from ruining your experience, which is an added bonus

These are a few of the great features offered by Cyber Privacy Suite, keeping your data and most importantly yourself safe. By backing up and storing your data off-site in the cloud, in addition to the security features Cyber Privacy Suite offers, you can guarantee you are safeguarded. 

Check out Polarbackup’s complete security lifetime package for only $99.99 with 5TB cloud backup bundled with ShieldApps’ Cyber Privacy Suite for free.

Find out more about our products and pricing by visiting www.polarbackup.com